What we do

Applied science to improve the welfare of farmed aquatic animals

We develop science-based solutions to assess and improve the welfare of captive and wild-caught fishes. In our approach, we apply a strong background in aquaculture and ethology to address the welfare of fishes. We use state-of-the-art knowledge on the behavior of a species to understand how its welfare is affected under farming conditions and what we can do to promote it.

These are the projects we develop: 



We offer fish welfare consultancy around the globe to farmers and stakeholders, providing custom-made welfare solutions based on our scientific and practical fish welfare experience.

Here you will find out our past or on-going consultancy projects.


Research projects

Research projects

We develop our own scientific research and collaborate with a wide range of institutions and companies worldwide to fill the knowledge gaps on fish welfare, moving towards providing solutions and improving the quality of life of these animals.

Here you will find out our past or on-going research projects.


Training & Events

Training & Events

We perform tailored courses on fish welfare and organise multidisciplinary events, exchanging knowledge and ideas, promoting best practices towards good welfare, and bridging the gaps along the pathway from science to society.

Here you will find out our past or on-going projects of training or events.



Here you will find all our scientific output based on our actions, including:

  • Papers 
  • Books
  • Book chapters 
  • Participation in Conferences and Webinars presenting talks or posters
  • Media Coverage as news and interviews
  • Podcast episodes

We believe that scientific dissemination is as important as any other of our actions to improve fish welfare.

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