Participation in a Webinar about Nile tilapia aquaculture and welfare!

Last Wednesday, our researcher Caroline Marques Maia helped Murilo Quintiliano from FAI Farms to conduct the interactive webinar "Unlocking the potential of tilapia aquaculture: innovation, welfare and sustainable development", an event in partnership also with The Fish Site. The webinar was in Portuguese and its recording will be made available online soon. It was a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and participate on important discussions about Nile tilapia welfare in aquaculture.

Actions like this are part of our activities, as we believe that disseminating scientific-based knowledge is as important as any other of our actions to reach our goals. Good communication is fundamental to help improving the welfare of farmed fish! We thank Murilo Quintiliano for his invitation to participate in this event and FAI Farms for this opportunity.

(posted on July 30, 2021)

Our FishEthoBase is growing!

Aiming to give informed recommendations on how to improve fish welfare in captivity, it is important to be based on scientific knowledge about natural needs and bwhaviour in the wild and under farming conditions of these animals. Thus, we created the FishEthoBase, an online open access database that systematically assemble ethological scientific knowledge on fishes and other aquatic farmed species worldwide in profiles of these species.

And we have one more profile published in our FishEthoBase. It is a short profile of Mylopharyngodon piceus, one of the four Chinese Major Carps that is a widely farmed species in Asia. Duch profile was authored by Caroline Marques Maia, revised by Pablo Arechavala and revised and edited by Jenny Volstorf.

You can access the new short profile in Cyprinids in our database here 

(posted on July 23, 2021)

One more short profile at our FishEthoBase!

One of our main activities is to assemble scientific ethological knowledge on fishes and other aquatic species kept in farms, which is systematically categorized in profiles and made availabe in our FishEthoBase. This is an open access online database that targets scientists, practitioners, NGOs, the general public, and other possible stakeholders.

Now we have a new short fish profile published, the 57th of our database. It is the short profile of Salmo carpio, which also completes the salmonidae family of farmed fishes, at least for now, in FishEthoBase. Such profile was authored by María Cabrera, revised by Pablo Arechavala and revised and edited by Jenny Volstorf.

You can find this new short profile in Salmonids at our database here

(posted on July 16, 2021)

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