New scientific presentation!

Making presentations at scientific events is an important part of our activities to spread the word and share knowledge about fish behavior and welfare. We believe that scientific dissemination is as important as any other of our actions to help improving the welfare of farmed fishes.

As part of this, last week our researcher Pablo Arechavala made an oral presentation at Aquaculture Europe 2021, a scientific event organized by the European Aquaculture Society, which was held in Funchal, Madeira - Portugal. In his presentation, Pablo talked about the fundamentals and applications of "Structural Enrichment in Gilthead Seabream Aquaculture". It was a fruitful opportunity to share our ideas and exchange knowledge.

(posted on Oct. 14, 2021)

New paper published!

As an important part of our activities, we develop our own scientific research aiming to help filling the knowledge gaps on fish welfare. In this sense, our researchers Pablo Arechavala-Lopez, María J. Cabrera-Álvarez, Caroline M. Maia and João L. Saraiva just published a review paper about environmental enrichment (EE) in aquaculture.

Many farming operations in aquaculture systems can be stressful for fishes, and EE can be an usefool tool to help improving their welfare. In this review we discuss potential applications of different EE strategies to promote fish welfare at a commercial scale and propose a practical framework to address the design, validation and implementation of EE by the aquaculture industry.

You can access the new publication here

(posted on Oct. 11, 2021)

Our FishEthoBase paper is one of the most cited papers of Fishes journal!

Part of our activities involve developing new scientific research to help filling the knowledge gaps on fish welfare, moving towards providing solutions and improving the quality of life of these animals. And such research can also involve our own online and open access platform FishEthoBase, which assembles ethological knowledge of fishes and other aquatic species farmed worldwide.

In this sense, in 2019 we published the paper "A Global Assessment of Welfare in Farmed Fishes: The FishEthoBase" in the journal Fishes and now we are proud to announce that our article is the 7th most cited paper of the journal and the 3rd one considering just the last 2 years. We are honoured with this great achievement. The statistics of the journal can be accessed here and our published paper can be accessed here.

(posted on Oct. 6, 2021)

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