What we stand for

Improving fish welfare

Throughout the years, our team has been involved in many areas of the aquaculture sector, from scientific research to campaigning, from auditing to policy. We use that expertise to promote the welfare of fishes through many initiatives with our partners and collaborators.

Evaluating fish welfare through behavioral measures

Our actions are based on the premise that behaviour is the first and foremost indicator of the welfare state of an animal. The application of scientific principles on the evaluation and improvement of welfare in fish farming through ethological measures ensures robust, objective, and unbiased results (see What we do).

From research to fish farms

Only by integrating knowledge on the natural behaviour and biology of a fish species with the technical information on the rearing systems and operational procedures in aquaculture can we pinpoint the key aspects affecting the welfare of farmed fishes and how to improve their quality of life. We strongly believe that striving for the welfare of fishes serves not only an ethical imperative but also carries benefits along the whole value chain: A better life for fishes means a better food product in the Market.

The heart of the FishEthoGroup

Besides scientific knowledge and technical information, communication with aquaculture stakeholders is fundamental to effectively improve fish welfare. Thus, to achieve our goals, we base our activities on 4 pillars:

  • Scientific Research
  • Consultancy
  • Advanced training
  • Public dissemination of knowledge

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