Our research activitites are hosted at the Centre of Marine Sciences (CCMAR) in Faro, Portugal. Some of the most relevant papers we have published are listed below.

Books & chapters

Some of the most relevant books and chapters we already published are listed below.


Some of our presentations at Webinars and Conferences are listed below.

Media coverage

Some news, interviews and other kind of media coverage about our work are listed below.

Podcast Fish Talk

We create our own podcast episodes, and here you will find them. Fish Talk podcast is focused on episodes that show important characteristics about fishes related to their natural needs, behaviours, abilities and environmental conditions - including farms, both considering the species individually or general aspects relevant for any species. 

Our main programme is composed of series of very brief podcasts focused on fish species with profiles already published in our FishEthoBase, the first online database to assemble ethological knowledge of farmed fishes.

Go on and discover all our episodes already released here!

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